Thriftaholics Weekly: #33

Meet Virginia DesignA week ago Tuesday while walking around downtown in the pouring rain, even with the tiny umbrella I have; I was getting soaked. I was bemoaning this to Caveman on the drive home that day and complaining yet again that I needed to find a trench coat – now. He sweetly offered me his London Fog trench from his Navy Reservist days, but it is so big and although I might still alter it someday (he said I could) I needed something now. I told him I’d hit up some thrift stores soon & see what I could find.

Soon came in the form of Wednesday evening, you see a decent little thrift store also happens to be in the same shopping center where I stop to buy mid-week groceries. It’s really a win-win, while thrifting I keep myself on a timed schedule and then I can pick up the needed grocery items before heading home. I’ve found that if I “hunt” too long I end up buying stuff just because, but not because it’s my size, style, color, etc.

On to my two scores, that’s right you read that correctly – 2; as in dos, 1 + 1 = 2!!

A Classic Trench!!!! Vintage Trench to be exact! Price $9.99!!

I love this coat! There were two trench coats in the store, one where you would think it would be (the one I bought) with all the other coats and the other hanging with the bridal/prom dresses?. The second was black and reminded me of the 80’s Virgina Slims models. It also said it was a size 6, I swear I think the 1 (making it a 16) got cut off somehow because it swallowed me & I’m an 8/10! Anyway back to my find…it has classic/timeless details, color & cut; it’s a little tight through the shoulders but I tried it on over my sweater-shirt combo and it fit fine except when I tried to reach up or extend forward. I will keep this in mind while wearing and not worry about it otherwise. I buttoned it up to see the fit too while trying it on and noticed that while it had all the buttons, some of the buttons on the inside were sewn too tightly so it was hard to button up – easy fix. When I got it home I prepped it to launder and found there were some ball-point pen marks around the cuffs, some dirt marks on the elbows, so I went ahead and treated those with stain remover and the collar too, but otherwise this baby is in perfect condition.

Second great find: 100% Cashmere Sweater! Price $2.99!!

I have never owned a Cashmere Sweater before. I was actually debating between 3 other sweaters when I saw this one and said no-thank-you to the others.

I thought I’d also throw into this mix a scarf I found at Big Lots over the holidays. I have yet to wear it but hopefully soon.

That’s all the thrifting finds for this week, but I think these have been my biggest finds yet.


3 thoughts on “Thriftaholics Weekly: #33

  1. Fabulous trench! And I love the cashmere sweater too! Its funny, I thrifted a cashmere sweater the other day to sell on ebay (it wasn’t my size), but I tried it on just for fun and I’ve decided I MUST have one.

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