Winter Challenge: Trendy

For today’s challenge I thought I would attempt to tackle menswear again. It was one of the challenges this past summer and I did not pull it off at all, so I’m attempting it again. It would also seem I’m still all about the layers!

Shirt & Pants: Thrifted; Jacket: Old Navy; Sweater Vest: JC Penny's; Penny Loafers: Eddie Bauer

Caveman came downtown to have lunch with me at a little Chinese place. I love having little lunch dates with him!! He took the first couple of photographs outside and I took the other two inside in the stairwell. Not sure which I like best, overcast squinty-ness or florescent haze?


Either way I think I got the menswear look this time, even if it’s not perfect. I actually really liked this outfit because it works with or without the jacket. At least I looked polished and professional for my meeting this morning. I wore my hair simply pulled back today, it somehow worked (and looked better in person) with this outfit too.


3 thoughts on “Winter Challenge: Trendy

  1. I think you did really well, and I prefer the ones taken outside as they are clearer. Overall the look is very smart/casual with an overall feel of being comfortable and easy to wear everyday – I like it.

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