Winter Challenge: Channel Someone

When I thought of today’s challenge I was completely drawing a blank. I looked at the Tumblr account Kayla linked to yesterday for some inspiration and found an outfit dedicated to Piglet.

I thought I might actually have enough pink to pull it off, but then I remembered that Kayla had also featured Blair from Atlantic-Pacific in a Blush monochrome look. I’ve always loved this outfit, it’s so girly.

Blair from Atlantic-Pacific

So here you go, my homage to Blair and Piglet!

Sweater: JCPennys; Pants: Thrifted; Scarf: Big Lots (who knew?!); Necklace worn as a Bracelet: Gift

This sweater was actually a nice ivory years ago, but one mishap with the washing machine and a red sweater later and it was a beautiful blush/baby pink. The pink has faded over the years (maybe I need to dye it again?) but in person it’s blush. These are the pink pants I mentioned I thrifted for a buck along with the winter whites the other day. These pants are a little big on me, but right at the top of the waist band the fit perfectly. I really need to fix them before wearing more. I thought that Piglet is seen wearing a scarf sometimes so added this one to the mix.

And with the recently thrifted Trench, which is an essential part of the wardrobe today due to the torrential downpours we’re currently having and doesn’t look to be stopping until tomorrow!!!! Please excuse the terrible office photos, this is the only dry place available today.

I know I need the flower to really pull off either look. 😉 What do you think, did I make it?

ETA: I’m linking up to the ABC’s of Style over here: IMG_4680-1