Winter Challenge: Pattern Mixing

Scarf - Thrifted; Striped Shirt & Cords - JCP; Tee & Striped Sweater - Target; Jean Jacket - Eddie Bauer; Shoes - Merrell via Zappos

Every time this challenge comes up I have great ideas in my head of what I want to wear, but reality (i.e. my closet) always let’s me down! LOL! I wasn’t completely thrilled with the result today and it would seem I’m on a pink kick now, so I threw in a solid colored pink tee to break up the patterns and I felt like it helps. I apologize for not taking the jean jacket off but it is way colder than I thought it would be today. At least it’s sunny out and the photos are better.

In going through my closet for this challenge, it seems I’m more of a textured or solids kinda gal in the fall/winter. Even in the spring/summer though I own more solid colored clothing than patterned. I’ve been slowly attempting to remedy this through my thrifting adventures, but I’m just naturally drawn to solids. I will attempt this look again in the near future, especially with some of my new skirts. Maybe with the spring wardrobe pattern mixing won’t be as hard?!