P52: Week 3 – Dreaming the dream

This weeks challenge for P52 is “I Dreamed a Dream”, for me it was of a beautiful Master Bedroom. I was too late to link up with My 3 Boybarians this week, but I’m ready for the P52: week 4 challenge – Self Portrait.

Seems I’m all over the page these days! One minute I’m talking about pulling off the latest fashions (ha), then photography, then family and then I mix in some home improvements for fun, LOL.

I recently told you about wanting to make our house more our home. One of my goals has been to cozy up the master bedroom and one of the projects I had planned was a DIY sunburst mirror!

I originally wanted to add larger rings to the outer edges but my plan for that did. not. work. at. all. So instead of letting this project languish even longer I ended up creating a star or snowflake pattern instead. I We love the result.

We still have a long way to go before I’m completely even remotely happy with this space but for now this is an improvement. A couple of things I want to add/DIY in here:

DIY Capiz Shell Light Fixture: Get rid of the old ceiling fan that we don’t use any more and replace with my version of a DIY Capiz Shell Light fixture. Classy Clutter has a great tutorial on how she did her light fixture here. I have the “shells” ready to go, but I need a wire base to attach them.

Nightstands: I hope to find some matching nightstands or something that will better suffice as such soon. The table you see here on the left  isn’t so bad, but the chest-of-drawers on the other side just isn’t working for me.

Storage solutions: I would also like to clean up/hide the stuff we keep under the bed due to a lack of storage. I’ve wanted to add a bed skirt for years but the construction of this bed won’t allow it. Maybe if I staple a length of fabric around the bottom? Something, I just don’t know – maybe burlap?! I’ve got some ideas floating around, but whatever I do I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Curtains: Although you don’t see it, there is one tiny window in this room. I would really like to have some decent sized curtains in here, you the ones that go from the floor to the ceiling, ya those. I’ve seen some really cool DIY tutorials recently on drop cloths.

Now onto the assembly of my TP Sunburst Mirror…

Materials used:

  • Countless TP rolls cut to approx. 1″ in length
  • Cereal Boxes cut into strips approx. 1″ in width by the length of box
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Rustoleum spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Mirror via Hobby Lobby
  • Brown Grosgrain Ribbon

Homemaker in Heels has a great tutorial on how she made her mirror – I pretty much did the same thing only I added 1″ strips of cereal box cardboard to create a center ring, thus giving strength to the area around the mirror. On one side of the strips, before adhering them to the TP portion, I cut about a 1/4″ in and about 1/4″ away from the next cut to create little 1/4″ tabs I that could easily bend around and glue to the backside of the mirror. Confused yet? Sorry about that. Then we added the two 1″ cereal box strips in a + shape to the back as seen here.

We were originally going to hang the mirror using a picture hanger that we hot glued onto the back of the mirror (see above). But once we got in the room to hang it, the existing nail was way up high & I didn’t want to move it so I improvised by adding a length of ribbon threaded through the top loop to hang it from said nail instead. I like the result much better and so does Caveman.

See that Crummy Fan reflecting back? It taunts and haunts me! A Capiz Chandelier would look so much better...

Caveman painted the TP portion between Christmas and New Years. I thought this would be plenty of time for the smell to evaporate, but when we hung it last weekend it was still smelly even after living in the garage for a few weeks. Now, almost a week later the smell isn’t as bad – that or I’m getting used to it, LOL.

What are you dreaming of lately?