P52 Week 4: Self-Portrait

I actually enjoyed this week’s challenge, not because I love taking photos of myself; but I feel like when doing a self-portrait the pressure is off to look your best or smile as big as you can. I believe the point is that you should just be yourself in front of the camera and that is sometimes hard to do.

Camera: Canon Rebel XT; Lens: Canon 18 - 50mm zoom; with a Light scoop

I snapped this photo last night because my original self-portrait photos I took last week were just too dark and I couldn’t get them to lighten up correctly. I really need to learn how to post-process my photos better.

Winter Challenge: Pick a Decade or Region

Today begins the second week of the Winter challenge over on Kayla’s blog. The prompts for this week are a bit harder but I’m up for the challenge. After reading them I was the most concerned about the Bright Colors challenge, but I walked straight to my closet and threw an outfit together, no problem. Then I realized I had completely skipped a day and started fretting about today’s decade or region challenge. Funny how that worked out!

A few months ago I thrifted this light blue vintage shirt. What really drew me in were the ruffles/pleats on the front, but what I wasn’t really thrilled about is that it’s 100% polyester. While doing laundry the other day I put this shirt next to this blazer and though, hey that would make a nice outfit, never imagining I would be trying to recreate the 70’s or maybe it’s the 40’s? What do you think? The more I see myself today the more it feels like the 1940’s.

Corduroy Jacket - JCP; Shirt, Pants - Thrifted

Corduroy Jacket - JCP; Shirt, Pants & Belt (Calvin Klein) - Thrifted


I was also sweetly invited to participate in the ABC’s of Style linky party at My Greatest Hits. I will start incorporating the prompts for both fashion challenges into my daily outfits, that should make things interesting 😉 !