Winter Challenge: Brights

Sheath Dress - JCP; Sweater - Thrifted; Shoes & Tights - Target

As mentioned yesterday, at first I was so worried about this challenge prompt, but when I went to put together an outfit I had no problems. Funny how these things tend to work themselves out, even more ironically funny is when life just works itself out, especially after you stress and stress over it. I.E. Caveboy will be starting “School” via Mother’s Day out this week. Agh! Caveman & I are excited and nervous all at the same time. Caveboy – doesn’t have a clue!

My "Act Natural" Pose

What do you think, did I pull this one off?? The dress is tomato red (orange-y red) and the sweater is a shiny bright rayon turquoise. The only thing I felt like this outfit was missing was a skinny black belt to help tie everything together, only I don’t own a skinny black belt! Must remedy that soon.

I was certainly getting lots of stares a few moments after I took these photos & that was after I put my coat back on. 😛


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