Jumping on the Mod-Podge Bandwagon!

Last weekend I attempted another of the latest crazes in blog-land – mod-podging photos onto canvas, only I used foam board instead of canvas. I used this great tutorial from Sassy Pepper.

Supplies assembled; deep breath, now let the gluing begin!

See the board we taped together in the photo above, it worked like a dream – no problems at all. I was very worried it wouldn’t take the glue or the photograph would come off, but so far so good. These photos will go in our bedroom, I took them a few years ago when I had peonies growing out front. Please forgive the terrible lighting, they actually look amazing in person.

Mod-podge dry, photos on the foam board; only need to clean up the edges.

I’m considering adding a ribbon or decorative paper or maybe just white or black paper to the edges. We’ll see once I get them all done.

Attempting to show the brush marks in the mod-podge

It actually took me a couple of months to work up the courage to do this. First I ordered the photos from Meridian Pro in November, it took about two weeks to get them but they looked great. When you upload your photos to Meridian Pro part of their service is that your photos are automatically retouch for you. I got six 11×14 prints for $3.99 each. The other four images I’m going to use in the living room.  I was very pleased at how the photographs turned out, so the thought of ruining them with mod-podge scared me to death, but I figured if everyone else was doing it I could too. 😉 Now back to mod-podging the other four photos and lots of smaller ones too; to use with my DIY frames – more to come on them this weekend.


Winter Challenge: Dress Up a Coat

I originally thought I would wear my wool coat today but it ended up being warmer and wetter that I thought, so out came the newly thrifted trench! I don’t think I’ve said how much I love this thing and how much it has become a staple in my outfits these days, or maybe I have; either way – I love it!

Close up of my dressed up coat!

When I put the blue cardigan with this shirt I thought the scarf would be enough to dress up the coat, but I wanted something to dress up my outfit; so I added the rolled flower pin to my cardi/shirt combo and loved it. I made the rolled flowers back in the summer hoping to brighten & dress up some basic tees; it has worked out beautifully at doing both. There are so many great rolled flower tutorials out there, I just read through a bunch before diving in to making this one. Just before going out today I realized that my trench would cover up the flower pin, so I stuck it on the outside and kept the scarf too.

Trench, Cardigan, Checkered Shirt - Thrifted; Pants & Red Cami - JCP; Scarf - gift; Rolled Flowers - made by me!

I really wanted to get a photo without the trench, but it started pouring just after I took these so no outfit photos today. I originally started out by layering the the Cami, then the checked shirt, then the sweater; but by mid-day I knew the Cami needed to go over the checked shirt so you could a.) see it! & b.) it would help slim up the too big shirt. When I thrifted this shirt I was afraid it would be too big, but I knew I could take it in if needed. So I’ll be taking it in before wearing it again. Here’s another close up just for fun.

Trench, Cardigan, Checkered Shirt - Thrifted; Cami - JCP; Scarf - gift; Rolled Flowers - made by me!

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