Winter Challenge: Dress Up a Coat

I originally thought I would wear my wool coat today but it ended up being warmer and wetter that I thought, so out came the newly thrifted trench! I don’t think I’ve said how much I love this thing and how much it has become a staple in my outfits these days, or maybe I have; either way – I love it!

Close up of my dressed up coat!

When I put the blue cardigan with this shirt I thought the scarf would be enough to dress up the coat, but I wanted something to dress up my outfit; so I added the rolled flower pin to my cardi/shirt combo and loved it. I made the rolled flowers back in the summer hoping to brighten & dress up some basic tees; it has worked out beautifully at doing both. There are so many great rolled flower tutorials out there, I just read through a bunch before diving in to making this one. Just before going out today I realized that my trench would cover up the flower pin, so I stuck it on the outside and kept the scarf too.

Trench, Cardigan, Checkered Shirt - Thrifted; Pants & Red Cami - JCP; Scarf - gift; Rolled Flowers - made by me!

I really wanted to get a photo without the trench, but it started pouring just after I took these so no outfit photos today. I originally started out by layering the the Cami, then the checked shirt, then the sweater; but by mid-day I knew the Cami needed to go over the checked shirt so you could a.) see it! & b.) it would help slim up the too big shirt. When I thrifted this shirt I was afraid it would be too big, but I knew I could take it in if needed. So I’ll be taking it in before wearing it again. Here’s another close up just for fun.

Trench, Cardigan, Checkered Shirt - Thrifted; Cami - JCP; Scarf - gift; Rolled Flowers - made by me!

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