Gingham and Argyle

Shirt & Sweater - Thrifted; Pants - JCP

Let me first say, I’m sorry about the terrible indoor office photo. Now that’s over today’s chilly weather was the perfect opportunity to wear my newly thrifted Cashmere sweater. This sweater is so soft and warm too – definitely one of my favorite finds!

It’s funny because when I thrifted the Cashmere sweater I also thrifted this gingham top last seen here (just barely). At the time I had no thoughts of putting these two together, but after Kayla’s Winter Challenge, that included pattern mixing, I thought these two would work perfectly together.

This is a very quick outfit to throw together, and thankfully so because we are all under the weather this week (& running late) ;).  My my quickie outfit & I are participating in My Greatest Hits IMG_4680-1 challenge today: Q is for Quickie.

ETA: I saw that I was featured as a winner in the Awkward Girls for pairing my Jeans shirt with my red pants last Friday!! Thank you Awkward Girls!!!!


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