Red & Chocolate

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I think I had planned to wear this red sweater a little differently, but after a rough night with Caveboy I choose comfort over more structured attire. Just keepin’ it real for ya.

Although we didn’t get any snow last night, it is still cold and rainy here today. I was able to get one decent outdoor shot (with the coat and scarf), before being photo bombed (agh!) and one indoor shot without the coat and scarf.

Sweater & Pants - Thrifted; Shirt - Sears; Penny Loafers - Eddie Bauer

Can you tell I straightened my hair? I can’t wait to tell you all about my new flat iron from Hana Salon. Even with the rain, my hair has remained straight all day, with no fly-ways and no product!! That NEVER happens!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!! Hope your day is filled with chocolates and spending time with the ones you love, that’s how I plan to spend my day!

I’m also linking up to the True Beauty Files & the IMG_4680-1 W is for Wide Leg outfits.


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