Farewell Valentine’s Week

Although Caveman & I didn’t do anything extra special for Valentine’s this year, late Valentine’s night after Caveboy was asleep, we shared some chocolate truffles – with peanut butter & milk. It was great! 😀 Caveman has gotten me flowers before, but not this year, and I was completely fine with it. I was happy just to have him home with us, enjoying a nice quiet evening at home. I did however get flowers from my parents last weekend, which was a nice surprise and we all have been enjoying them this week.

The commercialism of Valentine’s puts so much pressure on everyone. Look, either you love your significant other or not; getting flowers, candy, diamond rings, or some other jeweled bauble one day out of the year doesn’t mean True Love. Caveman & I have long adhered to this belief; so flowers at Valentine’s or gifts at Christmas are nice, but the daily ways we treat and take care of each other are where it’s really at.

I saw this on Pinterest recently & loved it!

I want to make one for our bedroom and after I showed Caveman, he loves it too! I think it would be fairly simple to create! Maybe something I’ll attempt this long holiday weekend. What are you doing for President’s Day, anything special?


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