Menswear Monday

Menswear: I was in a rush this morning and this navy sweater vest combo was an easy choice.

Shirt - Thrifted; Sweater - JCP; Pants - Target; Penny Loafers - Eddie Bauer

There is a center section of baby cables down the front but you can’t tell that in these photos. Also my pants are a rich brown color and I love these pants too! I found them at Target recently for $10 bucks each. I grabbed two pair, but in a size 6 and I’m normally an 8/10. Telling me I’m smaller than I am and great fitting – priceless!

I can’t help but feel this outfit would be made better by a long necklace. I found a few at Forever 21 that I like; maybe this one,

feathers are everywhere this year

I think it would go with more than just this outfit

or maybe a few strands together like this one

or maybe this hinged owl necklace

either way, I need a good necklace or two that can add that needed punch to an outfit. If anyone has an suggestions please let me know.

I am in love with owls this year, who isn’t? (no pun intended either) I’ve seen a few other owl necklaces I like better than the one above and when I’m at the thrift store, I’m always on the lookout for a ceramic owl.

monday mingle

Our weekend was very low-key, just putting in some quality time hiking around Cumberland Falls Saturday and swinging at the park yesterday. I’ll post a couple of photos tomorrow for Sweet Shot Tuesday of our time at Cumberland Falls, the river was really up so there was a ton of water going over the falls. Caveboy had fun hunting for “Grizzly Bear”!

Happy Monday!


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