Blue Spring Florals – A Refashion

Corduroy Jacket - JCP; Skirt - Refashioned Dress by me; Sweater - Thrifted; Shoes - Target

I recently refashioned a dress that I’d had since the mid-90’s. I don’t think I wore the dress in public – ever. I hated the fit, clingy in some places, baggy in others. I even tried to wear it while I was pregnant but it just didn’t work. I apologize in advance for the lack of photos for the following steps, but there are lots of tutorials out there on refashioning and this is extremely easy. In fact one of the blogs I follow is called Refashionista, she refashions all kinds of clothes she finds, so if you are interested go on over and check her out.

This is what I started out with...

On to my refashion, to begin I simply put the dress on inside out, pinned it on the sides, front and back about an inch above my natural waist. After making sure my pins were roughly in a straight line, I cut the dress in two above the pins. Then because the dress was two pieces, an underskirt and an overskirt, I sewed along the pins as I took them out so the two pieces would act as one. Next I carefully folded over an 1 3/4″, then as I sewed I folded the material again where I just made my seam. So I had a 1/4″ fold to the inside at the bottom and then another 1 1/2″ fold down from the top that would create a casing for my elastic. I sewed around the circumference of the skirt leaving about 2″ opening to thread the elastic through. I measured my elastic loosely around my waist and cut to fit. Then I put a safety pin on one end and started threading. Secured the elastic together by creating an X pattern where the two ends met and finished off my casing. Voila’, a new skirt!

I predict this skirt, however will see a lot of wear for years to come. It’s blowy, not clingy like the dress was and is perfectly feminine & flirty for spring! The underskirt hits me at the knee but the overskirt  is almost a midi length.

Here’s another shot without the jacket (inside this time due to the wind again today). I really didn’t realize it this morning, but the jacket pulls out the brown/tan leaves on the skirt! I hope to get a pair of these soon from Target. From the reviews they go with just about everything!

I’m linking up to via Girly Mamma!


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