Monday Brights

After losing the hour to the time change, a virus, and a whirlwind trip; this weekend flew by and I need some sleep! LOL Good thing Nicole from Mom Trends is hosting Monday Mingle today, focusing on a Spring Trend – Neon.

Sweater - Thrifted; Tee & Cords - JCP; Loafer Wedges - Target

I have to say I love this trend, but I really don’t have anything NEON in my closet right now. This summer, however, I did thrift this really beautiful turquoise sweater. It is super bright, especially when paired with black and it’s an easy outfit to put together while still recovering from the new time too! 😉

On a side note: do you dress according to the weather? I mean if it’s going to rain will you avoid wearing skirts or heels, etc? I’ve always done this, but it’s really become noticeable recently with all the rain this spring. For instance, I originally planned to wear a skirt & heels today, but due to the rainy weather I opted for this ensemble instead. I have attempted to wear skirts and heels recently despite the rain only to become miserably drenched & cold.

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