Nail Polish for a Penny?

Yep, you read that right! For the month of March only, you can become a Julep Maven for only a penny (plus Free Shipping & Handling! Click this link and enter this code: SHAREONMARCH at the checkout! March may be half over, but you still have time to take advantage of this great offer!

When you click on over the Julep website you will take a quiz that will match you to different beauty styles. Then when you place your order your beauty style nail colors, along with a beauty treatment will be sent to you in a customized beauty editor Sneak Peek Box. Normally the Julep Maven beauty editor Sneak Peek Box is $19.99 per month, but for the month of March its only a Penny! So click this link and enter this code: SHAREONMARCH at the checkout!

Opened Box

I decided to take advantage of this great offer and I ordered my box for a penny. When I took the quiz my beauty style ended up being an All American Girl and a few days later my beauty editor Sneak Peek Box arrived! My beauty treatment was a Glycolic Hand Scrub, I know this will be wonderful at getting rid of my dry winter skin!

Glycolic Hand Scrub

Next up, nail colors!

Left - Emma & on the Right - Kelly

I really liked the nail colors for the American Girl beauty style and can’t wait to try them out! I’m not usually a bright nails kinda gal, so these fit me perfectly. Although I do think I will branch out this Spring and try out the Mint nail color craze! Also I found out that you can retake the quiz until you get the nail colors you want so don’t get discouraged too easily if the colors aren’t perfect the first time. Check out the Julep blog for some great nail ideas and tutorials! I especially love this one for St. Patty’s Day!

Some perks of being a Julep Maven include 20% off all products in the Maven Boutique at, plus FREE SHIPPING all the time. Once you become a Julep Maven you too can refer 2 friends and receive a free month too.

Also on the 20th of each month Julep will send you an email with a preview of the upcoming Maven box, if you like it do nothing or you can send it to a friend (great gift idea 😉 ) or you can skip the month! Just login to your account between the 20th and 24th to submit your requests.

So click this link and enter this code: SHAREONMARCH at the checkout while there’s still time!


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