Attempting Mint & Colbalt

I thrifted this mint shirt and these cobalt jeans the other day, along with a load of other stuff. I’ve been really excited to try this look but I haven’t felt like I got it right all day.

Blazer - Target; Shirt & pants - Thrifted; Sandals - Payless. Adding a white blazer...

Plus I’m attempting the tuck in the front only look with this oversized shirt. Verdict – not a fan, but I look even more ridiculous with the shirt all the way out or completely tucked in, ugh!

Without the blazer or how I look in the office.

I’m thinking accessories would help this look a lot, but I’m at a loss today. The weather has been horrible yesterday and today. I sometimes get headaches with really bad weather and yesterday was a doozey, today doesn’t look much better!


Any suggestions for making this look more complete? I’m thinking red shoes and possible clutch, colorful belt, silver belt? Anybody? And thank you in advance for any suggestions!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Not sure what mine holds yet, but I’m praying for no more headaches! 😉

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