Aqua & White Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! How was your weekend? More crafting happened; complete with a new pillow, the beginnings of a floor pillow and even a bit of jewelry making too!

Lace Sweater & Aqua Capri's - Thrifted; Scarf - old; Sandals - Payless

I started out with this recently thrifted sweater this morning, attempting to pair it with a skirt. It wasn’t working at all, but then I saw this scarf hanging next to these Capri’s I thrifted the same time as the sweater and my mad-dash, what-to-wear, Monday-morning, running-late outfit dilemmas were gone. Funny how when I thrifted these pieces I wasn’t thinking of them together!

Collage created with PicsArt app on my smartphone

I never quite know how to tie/style a scarf, so once I got to work I decided to look up a recent Pin, Over 40 Ways to Tie A Scarf from Thanks, I Made It! I followed the 5th row from the bottom, 1st column; the hot pink fringed scarf knotted on both ends and then tied around the neck.

I’m linking up with these lovely ladies again this Monday!

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Fashion Friday: Big Blue Paisely Florals

Happy Friday All! I’m keeping it casual today on Fashion Friday!

Skirt & Shirt - Thrifted; Belt - Forever 21; Gladiator Sandals - Shoe Show

I thrifted this paisley floral skirt a couple of months ago and it had already seen loads of weekend wear. Throw on a simple tee and this is better than a pair of shorts. It makes me thing of county music, cowgirl boots and chic southern backyard barbeques. The shirt was a nice find last week and is a very nice 100% cotton, but the buttons need to be replaced with something more substantial or the front sewn shut. I like the buttons so I might just sew it shut! I had problems all morning with the top button popping open. A couple of safety pins later and I was good to go for the day!

In other photography/fashion news…ModlyChic is hosting an Instagram photo-a-day challenge for Fashion/Beauty bloggers in May!!! Want to participate? Go here for all the details, but basically just start photographing and add the hashtag #FBPhotoADayMay on May 1st. I’m so excited, I’m new to Instagram, but I plan on participating. If you’d like to follow along with me on Instagram my name is cavegurl.

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Trend of the Month: Flower Power

Marion of Marionberry Style has been hosting these Trend of the Month Challenges for a couple of months now!
I love the challenge and linking up too!
This Month’s Trend: 


Here’s my Flower Power outfit!

I thrifted this great hot pink silk blouse recently and I love it! Once I understood how to care for and clean silk (or wool for that matter) garments, I have thoroughly enjoyed owning them.
Actually today’s entire outfit is thrifted, right down to the shoes and belt. OK, the bag was a hand-me-down from Mom, thanks Mom!!
After waking up to severe thunderstorms, wind & driving rain; this vintage trench was a welcome addition to today’s outfit. It looks really great (if I do say so myself) buttoned & belted with a little of the hot pink peeking out and these shoes. Thank you Marion for hosting the Trend of the Month Challenges! Can’t wait for next month!
Head on over to Marion’s blog and check out all the other great outfits too!

WIWW: Navy & Grey

I bought this skirt (being worn as a top today) over a year ago from Forever After it arrived I quickly realized I didn’t do it an favors, but I hung onto it. A few months later I saw someone in blogland wear a skirt as a top and knew I could wear my stripey skirt as a top too! For some reason, I never got around to it until today.

Striped Top (really a skirt) - Forever 21; Sweater & Scarf/Belt - Thrifted; Capri pants - JCP; Canvas Shoes - ??(old)

I thrifted this little scarf/necktie/belt recently that I added to throw in some pattern mixing today! I like this subtle pattern mixing, its safe and chic. I’ve attempted pattern mixing here on the blog before and hated it.

I also realized after I got to work that I could have worn my nude heels with this to make it cuter. Eh, you live and learn I guess!

Don’t you just hate it when some thing is cute but you just can’t get it to photograph correctly? That was me, today, with this outfit! After about 10 photos and I’m sure all of downtown thinking I’m crazy I got two decent ones.

Today I’m linking up with these lovely ladies again, but tomorrow its another take on florals as I link up to Marion of Marionberry Style’s monthly Trend of the Month Challenge.

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