DIY Scarf Holder

I’ve been thrifting quite a few scarves recently, as I love the look. Like some of you, I’ve been neatly folding my scarves & putting them in a drawer. This poses a problem, for me anyway, because if I can’t see them I tend to forget them, so…
The other night as I was attempting to put away my most recent finds, I decided I needed to see them so I could actually be inspired to wear them.

DIY Scarf Holder: Newest two are on the far left.

I simply tied them along the bottom of a plastic hanger. Super easy & now I can see them next to my clothes & be inspired to actually wear my scarves! Today I’m wearing the faux snakeskin scarf with my red pants.

Scarf - Thrifted; Shirt - Old Navy; Pants - Chadwicks; Sandals - Payless

This is another one of the new scarves I thrifted recently, I really like the colors. When I got it home & went to wash it, I discovered the ends were coming undone, so I got to work on fixing it.

Purple Scarf

I washed it on cold, then I ironed it dry using the Silk/Nylon setting of my iron. When I came to the ends of the scarf, I ironed them over so I could easily sew them. Good as new! I’ve found with Thrifting, you can’t always trust the printed size on an item & you can’t be afraid to do a little mending in order to get a great new-to-you item.


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