P52 Week 11,12, & 13

I fell behind on getting these posted each week so today I’m playing catch-up.

P52 Week 13: Details

These next photos, for weeks 13 & 12  were taken at the University of KY Hospital in Lexington, KY. There is a wall mural just outside of the Children’s Hospital elevators (don’t worry Caveboy hasn’t been there, we were visiting a family member there recently), it is a giant puzzle made from different kinds of wood. I thought it was really interesting and took some photos to share with Caveboy and now you.

Giant Wall Mural located in a corner, next to the Children's Hospital elevators.

Here is a detailed shot of the raccoon…

Cute little Raccoon

P52 Week 12: Hunger

Here’s a shot of the squirrel!

You better not try to get my acorn!

P52 Week 11: The “eyes” of March

Finally here’s my little Caveboy. He was jumping on Dad & Mom’s bed, which is against the rules, while I was trying to get him to lay still. He jumped then laid down for a second, I snapped the photo then he was up and jumping again.

A lucky shot I got of the little guy between jumping on our bed!


Easy DIY New Skirt

On Monday I mentioned I made a new skirt over the weekend. It’s not like I really needed a new skirt, but I saw this great tutorial for “The Simplest Skirt You’ll Ever Make!” at Let’s Get Thrifty. This truly is the simplest skirt you’ll ever make and her tutorial is very clear with lots of great photos too! I want to try this again with some jersey and make a maxi skirt!

Chambray Dress – Target; Skirt – handmade; Belt – Forever 21; Purse – Thrifted; Gladiator Sandals – Shoe Show

I started off with this remnant I had lying around. When I bought it I thought the colors and pattern were pretty, but really didn’t have an exact plan. Two plus years later it’s still in my to-do pile with no real plan for it. After seeing this post I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for, so during nap time on Saturday I sewed the two selvage edges together in a french seam, sewed a hem and made a casing for my elastic! I did not include the slit in the back which I am now sorely regretting and will fix soon. Walking up stairs is kinda rough!

If it looks a little bunchy around my waist and hips, it’s because my “shirt” is actually a chambray dress I picked up from Target last year. The chambray dress is too short for the office. I’ve been looking for the perfect fabric to lengthen it, but I’ve got nothing yet.

Thrifted Cognac Purse and Nine West Change Purse

I also thrifted this great cognac purse and little green, Nine West change purse yesterday afternoon. I didn’t know it when I went, but all purses and shoes were 50% at the thrift store yesterday, so together these were $3.50! I cleaned them both thoroughly last night and them put leather conditioner on them. Now they’re good as new! I am always carrying a little tiny (about half the size of this one) change purse around with me at lunch, however it’s too small to carry my desk keys and phone too. This little baby holds the small change purse, my phone, desk keys, car keys and lipsticks too! It also has a great little mirror on the back. Here’s another view of my thrifted purse with my outfit today!

Better view of my new thrifted purse

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