P52 Week 11,12, & 13

I fell behind on getting these posted each week so today I’m playing catch-up.

P52 Week 13: Details

These next photos, for weeks 13 & 12  were taken at the University of KY Hospital in Lexington, KY. There is a wall mural just outside of the Children’s Hospital elevators (don’t worry Caveboy hasn’t been there, we were visiting a family member there recently), it is a giant puzzle made from different kinds of wood. I thought it was really interesting and took some photos to share with Caveboy and now you.

Giant Wall Mural located in a corner, next to the Children's Hospital elevators.

Here is a detailed shot of the raccoon…

Cute little Raccoon

P52 Week 12: Hunger

Here’s a shot of the squirrel!

You better not try to get my acorn!

P52 Week 11: The “eyes” of March

Finally here’s my little Caveboy. He was jumping on Dad & Mom’s bed, which is against the rules, while I was trying to get him to lay still. He jumped then laid down for a second, I snapped the photo then he was up and jumping again.

A lucky shot I got of the little guy between jumping on our bed!


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