Wide-leg Trouser Two Ways

It’s another Monday and today I’m totally feeling uninspired today, just to keep it real for ya.

In an attempt to kick start my fashion inspiration, I’m bringing you two looks with these wide-leg trousers I thirfted last summer.

1st – an elegant, classic outfit: A simple blouse and baby blue sweater vest, both silk; statement necklace of freshwater pearls; wide-leg trousers and penny loafers.

Silk Sweater Vest & Blouse - JCP (old); Trousers - Thrifted; Loafers - Eddie Bauer

Upclose of the Pearl Necklace & a truer color of the Sweater Vest

2nd – A casual outfit: A mint blouse and olive sweater, wide-leg trousers with a floral sash and penny loafers.

Mint Blouse & Trousers - Thrifted; Sweater & Sash - JCP; Loafers - Eddie Bauer

It is freezing today and windy. I do realize I’m constantly complaining about the weather & for that I am sorry, but it really is cold – 44 degrees to be exact and I have no idea about the windchill. I thought I would give you an idea of just how windy it really is with the photo that was taken 5 seconds before this one just for comparison!

Looks like a fashion model - not, only super cold! LOL!

So there you have it an elegant, classy look and a casual look for these thrifted wide-leg trousers!

Hope you had a great weekend. Ours was pretty laid back with some actually crafting on my part, yeah! I’ll be talking about my crafting adventures more later this week.

I’m linking up with these fab ladies today!

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