Trend of the Month: Flower Power

Marion of Marionberry Style has been hosting these Trend of the Month Challenges for a couple of months now!
I love the challenge and linking up too!
This Month’s Trend: 


Here’s my Flower Power outfit!

I thrifted this great hot pink silk blouse recently and I love it! Once I understood how to care for and clean silk (or wool for that matter) garments, I have thoroughly enjoyed owning them.
Actually today’s entire outfit is thrifted, right down to the shoes and belt. OK, the bag was a hand-me-down from Mom, thanks Mom!!
After waking up to severe thunderstorms, wind & driving rain; this vintage trench was a welcome addition to today’s outfit. It looks really great (if I do say so myself) buttoned & belted with a little of the hot pink peeking out and these shoes. Thank you Marion for hosting the Trend of the Month Challenges! Can’t wait for next month!
Head on over to Marion’s blog and check out all the other great outfits too!

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