Fashion Friday: Big Blue Paisely Florals

Happy Friday All! I’m keeping it casual today on Fashion Friday!

Skirt & Shirt - Thrifted; Belt - Forever 21; Gladiator Sandals - Shoe Show

I thrifted this paisley floral skirt a couple of months ago and it had already seen loads of weekend wear. Throw on a simple tee and this is better than a pair of shorts. It makes me thing of county music, cowgirl boots and chic southern backyard barbeques. The shirt was a nice find last week and is a very nice 100% cotton, but the buttons need to be replaced with something more substantial or the front sewn shut. I like the buttons so I might just sew it shut! I had problems all morning with the top button popping open. A couple of safety pins later and I was good to go for the day!

In other photography/fashion news…ModlyChic is hosting an Instagram photo-a-day challenge for Fashion/Beauty bloggers in May!!! Want to participate? Go here for all the details, but basically just start photographing and add the hashtag #FBPhotoADayMay on May 1st. I’m so excited, I’m new to Instagram, but I plan on participating. If you’d like to follow along with me on Instagram my name is cavegurl.

I’m also linking up today with Girly Mama for
Fashion Friday


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