Aqua & White Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! How was your weekend? More crafting happened; complete with a new pillow, the beginnings of a floor pillow and even a bit of jewelry making too!

Lace Sweater & Aqua Capri's - Thrifted; Scarf - old; Sandals - Payless

I started out with this recently thrifted sweater this morning, attempting to pair it with a skirt. It wasn’t working at all, but then I saw this scarf hanging next to these Capri’s I thrifted the same time as the sweater and my mad-dash, what-to-wear, Monday-morning, running-late outfit dilemmas were gone. Funny how when I thrifted these pieces I wasn’t thinking of them together!

Collage created with PicsArt app on my smartphone

I never quite know how to tie/style a scarf, so once I got to work I decided to look up a recent Pin, Over 40 Ways to Tie A Scarf from Thanks, I Made It! I followed the 5th row from the bottom, 1st column; the hot pink fringed scarf knotted on both ends and then tied around the neck.

I’m linking up with these lovely ladies again this Monday!

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