Fake Sock Bun & Pastels

Gingham Shirt – Thrifted; Silk Sweater Vest – Aunt; Pants – JCP; Sandals – Payless; Necklace worn as a Bracelet – made by me!

So today didn’t start out as I had planned. The two (can you believe it?!) outfits I had floating around in my head weren’t working, time was running out and I was now late instead of early; so this outfit just kinda happened!?! But you know what, I think it kinda worked too!


Attempting to show my fake sock bun…

Then after I got to work I decided my hair needed to be up & outta the way; so I put it into a high pony tail with a fluffy scrunchy, wrapped the pony tail around the scrunchy, pinned in a couple of places & called it done! I’m not usually a bun kinda gal, but every now and then I try it just for fun.

I’m playing along with the Instagram photo-a-day challenge I mentioned the other day, Fashion/Beauty Photo-A-Day-May and I found another fashion/style photo-a-day challenge called Style Me May from DeanStreetSociety.com. I’m attempting to participate in both, so far so good.

How’s your week going? Mine, in a word – hectic!


P52 Week 17: Green

Caveboy & I go out each evening and play in the backyard with our little Casey. While out playing one evening I looked up and saw this sight!

Spring in our backyard!

The sky was just a bit bluer in real-life but everything was so green. The sun was setting and the fading sunlight was filtering through the new leaves. It was just beautiful.

I can’t end a post for P52 it seems without including Caveboy, so here’s one of his Easter photos.

Linking Caveboy up to Sweet Shot Tuesday!

Next week with be the 100th Sweet Shot Tuesday! Darcy is celebrating by having a theme for next week’s SST only! The theme is 100….not sure what to do next week but it will be fun to see what everyone comes up with!