Fake Sock Bun & Pastels

Gingham Shirt – Thrifted; Silk Sweater Vest – Aunt; Pants – JCP; Sandals – Payless; Necklace worn as a Bracelet – made by me!

So today didn’t start out as I had planned. The two (can you believe it?!) outfits I had floating around in my head weren’t working, time was running out and I was now late instead of early; so this outfit just kinda happened!?! But you know what, I think it kinda worked too!


Attempting to show my fake sock bun…

Then after I got to work I decided my hair needed to be up & outta the way; so I put it into a high pony tail with a fluffy scrunchy, wrapped the pony tail around the scrunchy, pinned in a couple of places & called it done! I’m not usually a bun kinda gal, but every now and then I try it just for fun.

I’m playing along with the Instagram photo-a-day challenge I mentioned the other day, Fashion/Beauty Photo-A-Day-May and I found another fashion/style photo-a-day challenge called Style Me May from DeanStreetSociety.com. I’m attempting to participate in both, so far so good.

How’s your week going? Mine, in a word – hectic!


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