Fashion Friday: TGIF

Seriously, thank goodness it’s Friday! The first couple of days of this week were great! But by Tuesday afternoon the week began to crawl by and it just went downhill from there. 😦


Sweater & Tee – Target; Pants – JCP; Sandals – Shoe Show

Maybe we can do something fun this weekend to lift my mood. The Kentucky Derby’s tomorrow, we always try to watch. My grandparents live just outside of Louisville; so even though they never went, my grandmother always enjoyed watching the race, but the fashions too!

Besides the race, I think my favorite to see are all the different, outlandish and cute hats!

And if I were ever going to attend the derby this is what I would wear…

Although with my red hair this one would probably be even better…

both found via. Click on the link for the complete breakdown of these looks.

Anyone attending the Kentucky Derby? What would you wear?

Have a great weekend all and Happy Friday!

I’m also linking up today with Girly Mama for
Fashion Friday


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