Purple Rain

Happy Hump Day! This week has simultaneously speed and crawled by – amazing!

Shirt – Target; Pants – Thrifted; Sandals – Payless (old); Home Decor Curtain Tie-Back worn as a Statement Necklace

I ‘ve been trying to decide what to do with this home decor curtain tie-back I picked up for a few penny’s at Wal-mart almost 10 years ago, for well 10 years. I seriously thought it would make a cute purse handle, but I never found the right fabric to use with it. It has great colors, peach, turquoise, silver, hot pink, rust and purple! I’ve worn it once as a belt and thought I might today too, but it just wasn’t looking right. So I looped it around my neck and a statement necklace was born. It’s so comfortable that now I’m seriously thinking about turning it into a camera strap! I really need a cute one!


I bought this top just after I found out I was preggers with Caveboy, thinking it might work as maternity wear. The answer, No! I had no idea how to dress myself for my pregnancy. I had seen lots of other people dress cute and stylishly but I could never seem to master it. I did make my own maternity wardrobe though. Maybe I should do a post about that sometime. I made mention of it a few times, but never really talked about each piece. Now looking back through the archives I see I need to update/fix my menus up top for easier navigation.

Enough ramblings, let’s get to the link-ups!

pleated poppy


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