WIWW: Green & White Polka Dots

Happy Wednesday to ya! I’m playing catch-up this week over on Instagram for the #StyleMeMay and #FBPhotoADayMay prompts. This outfit was inspired by #StyleMeMay: Day 19’s prompt – Dress up a T-Shirt.

T-Shirt – Target; Polka Dot Pleated Skirt – Thrifted; Belt – Forever 21; Sandals – Mom (Thanks Mom!)

Truthfully I’ve had variations of this floating around in my head for months, but just never wore them. I want to style it with a Chambray shirt, a striped tee or maybe a mint green blouse. Any other suggestions??

I’m linking up with these pretty ladies again today!

pleated poppy


14 thoughts on “WIWW: Green & White Polka Dots

    • Yep, for $2.99 I believe! I just about died when I found it. It’s too big for me so I just double it over the back or on the side and pin, then wear a belt over it. Works like a charm.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

  1. Very adorable on you! Love the simplicity of the fitted tee & the almost retro-like polka dot skirt – very flattering!

    • Thank you!! I thrifted this vintage skirt back in the winter and was so excited to wear it. The material is so thin I’ve only worn it a couple of times because it’s been too cold!

  2. This is a great look, I love patterned skirts with white tees. I’m with you on the chambray shirt as well, that will look really fun.

    Found you through The Pleated poppy today!

    Pink Chai Style

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