Monday Mingle: Post Holiday Blues

Happy Tuesday All!! Hope you Memorial Day Weekend was as enjoyable and relaxing as ours was!

Blouse – JCP; Jeans – Thrifted; Scarf – old??; Sandals – Gift from Mom

Yesterday we hiked, played in the creek and then took a much needed nap! Its been so hot here that getting dressed up to hike is outta the question, so I decided to go with the Red,White & Blue theme for today’s “Return to Work” outfit!

I had big plans for this weekend, but when it came time to actually do them I just didn’t wanna! I did clear out of more plants around our deck, although I didn’t get them all. It was just too hot and miserable. Plus the plants have to go before any power washing/deck scrubbing can commence. So we relaxed and watched some kids movies, then played/worked outside in the cooler part of the day.


Did you guys have barbequing plans, family reunions to attend or just get in some good old relaxing, hanging out? Whatever it was hope it was great!

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