Trend of the Month: Yellow

I’m linking up with Marion again for this month’s trend: Yellow!

Pale Yellow Blouse & Pumps – Thrifted; Skirt – Handmade;  Olive-Green Sweater – Eddie Bauer

Until last year I didn’t have any yellow pieces in my closet, but then I dyed my hair red and yellow seemed to be the perfect complimentary color.

With yellow-blonde hair wearing anything yellow always seemed to clash, so I stayed away from it. Since dying my hair red, it seems I’ve embraced many new colors into my wardrobe; bright blues, yellows, mint greens and purple. I guess I’m just not afraid of it anymore.

So glad this week is already half over!! I wasn’t done with my vacation yet. 😉

I’m linking up with these lovely ladies this week:

Work It Wednesday at A Little Bit of Lacquer and Trend of the Month at Marionberry Style

pleated poppy


13 thoughts on “Trend of the Month: Yellow

  1. I love how you noticed you were embracing new colors after dying your hair red! And you are so right…red hair looks amazing with yellow. Totally sweet style today…perfect for work!
    Thanks for linking up Monica!!
    XO – Marion

    • Thank you!! Weird, but I was always afraid to wear too much color because I was afraid it would clash with my hair color. Now I don’t think I care as much! Thanks for stopping by too!!

    • Allison, thank you for the complements and comments too!! Just linked up and so glad to be invited to the party! I’m always looking for new ones to join in!

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