Monday Mingle: Tangerine Pop

Happy Monday!! I hope your weekend was wonderful! If you follow me on Instagram you saw Caveboy’s new (to us) play-set that Caveman put up this weekend!

And yes, most of my time since then has been spent outside sliding and swinging and running around and around the thing! We are so blessed to have received the hand-me-down play-set and in such good condition too! Our backyard is really shaping up, only in a completely different way than I originally envisioned! Funny how that happens sometimes! 🙂

Blazer – Target; Sweater & Trousers – JCP; Sandals – Payless

I thought I had an important meeting today, but it got rescheduled for Thursday instead. No big deal, at least I was challenged to dress up today. I decided to keep it simple and just let the sweater pop against the neutrals. You can’t really tell it, but my nails are hot pink which complement the tangerine nicely!

Also I do believe this is the most I’ve worn this white blazer in one year, let alone since I purchased it 8 years ago. It just sat in the back of my closet because I really didn’t know how to style it until now. My white blazer is a closet orphan no more!


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