Fashions (HA!) of the Week!

The title to this post should actually read “A Lack of Fashion for the Week!”

I thought I would do just a quick run down of the blah outfits for this week with one main photo! 😉


In order, Tuesday thru Friday

Yeah, I forgot/ran out of time/plain ole just didn’t take a photo on Monday and it was probably the best outfit of them all! But I digress… here are a couple of collages for your viewing enjoyment too!


Tuesday’s Outfit: Sweater & Pants – Thrifted; Sandals – Payless (old)

No collage on Wednesday! I thought that outfit actually looked really good, but photographed horribly so only the one photo seen above.


Thursday’s Outfit: Sweater – Thrifted; Pants – Target; Sandals – ??(old)

Today is a jeans kinda day & again the outfit looks better in person, but is photographing horribly so no collage! Also I’m in sweaters this week because it is so cold inside the building here at work!

There you have it! Fashion has not been my friend this week and has affected my mood so that I am just blah about the entire subject! Now onto the weekend! I’m hoping it will look better!



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