My Mid-Summer Vacation

Happy Birthday Flowers from my new Sister-in-law!! & Brother-in-law too!

I got these beautiful flowers from my new Sister-in-law (and brother-in-law too) at work.


We took Caveboy to the TN Aquarium in the Smokies on my birthday! He loved it and so did we. The layout was really cool, the exhibits were great and Caveboy loved it when Daddy picked up the horseshoe crab with it wiggly feet and then tried to pet a stingray. He hasn’t stopped talking about it since and begs to go back almost every day. I’d say it was a win!


A couple of weekends ago Caveman went fishing while Caveboy and I went walking on the river trail. When we got back, Caveboy begged to fish, so Caveman got him set up and then let Caveboy have the pole. A few seconds later Caveboy is jerking on the pole and trying to reel in the bait because he wanted to cast it out into the water (toddlers!). I started trying to help him because it quickly became apparent that he was hung up on some brush in the water. Caveman came back and started trying to help when we realized Caveboy had caught a fish too! I guess all movement helped to land the fish. Caveman finally got the line untangled and the fish out of the water for Caveboy to see. We were all so excited for Caveboy to have caught his first fish!


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