Fashion Friday: Turquiose & Black

Friday’s here!! I’m looking forward to a great weekend with my Cavemen. I thrifted this top last fall and have worn it a few times since then. I have paired it with my white Capri’s or jeans, but I think my favorite looks is with these black trousers.

Top – Thrifted; Capri’s – Target; Sandals – Shoe Show

Not really sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve recently put on a few additional pounds. I’m not happy about it either! At first I was scratching my head trying to figure out the cause, but then I realized I hadn’t been exercising regularly and we were eating out way too much! So I’ve been eating more salads and getting back into the exercise routine lately. I hope to see vast improvements soon, but in the meantime getting dressed and looking nice is a challenge! I want to continue to improve my style, but the added weight makes it difficult to find the motivation to keep posting my pictures here on the blog. I’m going to use this desire as a positive though and turn it into the motivation I need to get the weight back off.

I’ve struggled with my weight ever since I can remember. When I met Caveman 10 years ago he taught me how to exercise and eat right. I achieved a healthy weight and maintained it really well for a few years but then I slowly gained back 20 lbs. I realized that I was reverting back to my old habits and lost the weight again only to repeat the process a few years later. There is usually a trigger that brings the cycle on like stress, job changes, etc. Recently I’ve been super stressed about my job situation as in if I even have one or not anymore. I always start out subconsciously eating more until I consciously realize I’m eating more, then my clothes don’t fit, I start feeling run down and unmotivated, etc. I want to break this cycle and maintain a healthy weight for good.

Ain’t that the truth!

Caveman is helping me again by being my workout buddy! At the beginning of the summer we were trying to workout in the evenings, but Caveboy does not like that situation at all and is constantly interrupting us. So we’ve started getting up earlier (read 5:30am) and working out while the little guy’s still asleep. So far, so good! I’ve read a few studies and most say that you will loose more weight because your body is in “mini-starvation” mode and it will actually pull from the fat stores instead of your last meal. Also you typically burn more fat throughout the day with little additional effort and finally researchers have shown that 75 percent of women who exercise in the morning stick to the plan, compared to only 25 percent of people who workout in the evenings. This should be great for me because I’ve always been a workout in the evenings kinda gal and stuck to that fairly consistently until Caveboy came along.

Anybody else struggling with weight issues? I’ve always found that if I just listen to my body I can find balance once again. Right now it’s telling me it’s uncomfortable and wants some exercise!! 😉

Favorite Frock Friday

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