Colbalt Jeans & Bow Blouse

Bow Blouse – Target, Jeans – Thrifted, Sandals – old

This is the blouse I got on clearance the other day at Target for $5.97. It is currently available online for $19.99 so be sure to check your local Target for a great deal. The pattern on this top is call “Neutral Print”, which I find odd because this really isn’t neutral and it has an Ikat look about it too.

Two things to note about this blouse: 1.) it is really sheer and I am wearing a basic black tank top under it. 2.) The length! It hung down past my butt and with the bow it made me look pregnant, which would be great if I were but I’m not and don’t really want to look that way. I’m definitely going to be hemming this one before wearing again and maybe even putting in some darts so it won’t look so frumpy. Maybe I’ll iron the bow next time too but the material is naturally wrinkly, so I wasn’t sure it would work. I don’t know, any opinions?


Hope Everyone had a great weekend! See you again tomorrow for Everbody, Everywear’s Back-to-School theme!

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