Easy Autumn Style: Cobalt

Happy Monday Ladies!


I went thrifting for the first time this fall a few weeks ago and as always when I go thrifting, my personal policy is to go through my closet, assess what I have & have not worn for a while & donate. If I don’t donate, I end up with an overflowing closet, then I’m too overwhelmed by the sheer volume & don’t utilize all that I have.

I really did well this trip, not only did I find a great deal on the Talbot’s sweater I showed the other day, but I found two sweaters & one knit shirt from Target’s Merona line & a great Tommy Hilfiger denim shirt too.


The cardigan I’m wearing here is one of the Merona sweaters I found. I goes perfectly with this bow tank I got at Target too. I like the tank much better with this cardigan than I did the last time I wore it here.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We got in some much needed hiking & family time, plus got to attend the church picnic on Saturday.

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