Easy Autumn Style: Turquoise, Boots & Tweed

This month’s Everybody Everywear theme is Boots!

Image 5687


Lucky for me, I just happened to be wearing boots with today’s outfit! I got these Easy Spirit boots a few years ago. I’ve been breaking them in ever since, but this year they seem to be the most comfortable. There’s nothing like a good pair of broken-in boots.


It seems I’m wearing this jacket all the time now. It goes with just about everything & Caveman loves it on me. He says it brings out the color of my eyes, plus it looks good with my hair too!

I made this skirt probably 5 or so years ago & I love wearing it each fall. The material is some sort of tweed, but its very flowy; so it must have some rayon blended into it.


Please be sure to check out these other great style blogs to get even more ideas for your fall looks.

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