Easy Autumn Style: Patriotic

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Posting has been sporadic lately because we are officially going on almost 4 weeks of sickness. Caveboy & I have just has a nasty virus, but Caveman was close to having pneumonia. Colds are always unwelcome, but during the holiday season colds just complicate everything & we miss out on all the fun. 😦

Now on to my patriotic outfit! It’s really too bad I didn’t come up with this ensemble for election day, but its better late than never right?


I’ve really enjoyed the addition of this denim shirt to my closet, it was a great thrift find. With that said I have noticed recently that I’m lacking in the prints department, oh I’ve added lots of stripes over the past year, but now I’m needing some prints. I saw some cute pencil skirts at Target over the weekend & I’m hoping I can stop in later today & pick up one or two.

I’m linking up with these lovely ladies again today.
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