Finally! My New Boots!

So probably no one remembers when I posted about a great sale on a pair of riding boots that I ordered from Amazon eariler in the fall, well I did & they came & just as I was afraid they didn’t fit! Until now…


I haven’t lost enough weight to take about, but I’ve lost enough that I can wear my new boots! They are really comfortable just like the reviews said, the only wearing in part is in the shaft of the boot, but I’m not complaining.


I’m thinking up more outfits I can wear these with & hope to show some different looks with them soon. Bonus points to anyone who realized I wore this same color combo last Wednesday!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Please be sure to check out these fabulous link-ups too!

pleated poppy


9 thoughts on “Finally! My New Boots!

  1. Adorable!! love the tall boots. You are gorgeous! Now Im going to look for a Bargin on Amazon. I never shop there for anything but books, but now, I dont know why!!

    • I’m blogging from my mobile phone so it was too much of a hassle to find the link, but you could search my archives & find the link there for these boots. Amazon is great I use it for everything nowdays.

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