Pinterest Inspiration: Denim Dress

When I saw this Pin the other day, I knew I wanted to recreate it.


I’m not sure that I pulled this off 100% but I was pretty close. My new boots are a dark brown, not cognac, so that will definitely be the color of my next pair! 🙂


I really like wearing this dress with tights, I’ve tried it in the summer with sandals & it works but I’m not comfortable. I want to wear something that looks good, but not something I’m constantly pulling & tugging at to the point I’m not comfortable.


This is the first time I’ve worn this dress in a year. I considered adding an edging to the bottom, but I just wasn’t satisfied with anything I choose. I’m glad I didn’t now.

I want to try this look again, but with colored tights & a sweater.

I’m linking up with these lovely ladies again today.
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