Trendy Winter Style: Batwing & Burgundy

Happy Wednesday-before-Christmas Everyone!

Batwing Top and Burgundy Pants

Bat-wing top, Bracelet, Knit T-shirt & Pants – Target

Is your shopping complete? Everything wrapped and just so under the tree? Yeah, me either!

This week has been crazy busy at work. I’ve been running around to meetings, trying to meet deadlines, and prepping for work in the new year! But you know what, I am extremely thankful that there will be work in the new year to return to and I’m so grateful for the job I have and that it is something I love to do. That being said, I am really looking forward to a few days off!


Do you like my outfit? It all came from Target’s clearance section! I couldn’t believe the burgundy pants were there at 70% off, but I’ll take them. They are a textured weave, with some fuchsia and black woven in too, so I think they will go great with my neon pink silk blouse too.

Hope Everyone has a Merry Christmas!! Please be safe and don’t forget the batteries! LOL

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pleated poppy


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