Warm Winter Style: Purple Argyle

Happy Wednesday All!


Sweater & Corduroy Pants – Thrifted, Blouse – Target, Statement Necklace – Julep, Loafers – Eddie Bauer

This week, like much of the country, it’s really cold here in East TN. But let’s face it, Tennessee is definitely not know for it’s frigid winters although occasionally it does get cold. Last year when I thrifted this beautiful and very warm cashmere sweater (for $2.99 I might add) I was in love, but I soon found out it was too warm to wear unless it was really cold out. I was so happy to get to pull this out today!

While I didn’t really think about it when putting this outfit together this morning, it is somewhat menswear inspired. Argyle is used alot in menswear so I’m submitting this outfit in this weeks IFB Project #80 Menswear…for Everyone!

Also I promise I’m not going to make every Wednesday an excuse to wear my Anne Taylor Loft corduroys; but I just couldn’t help myself today, they are so warm!

I’m linking up with these lovely ladies again today!

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