Warm Winter Style: Black & White

Happy Monday Y’all! Despite my blinding sinus headache I’m in a really good mood today and so excited to show off this outfit!


Jacket, Knit Top & Loafer Wedges – Target, Pants – JCP, Fur Collar – Thrifted, Bag – TJ Maxx

I thrifted this great jacket back before Christmas and highlighted it for my Stripes post, well it came with a detachable faux fur collar that I just knew I could use on other items. This jacket was one of them. I really love the simplicity of this outfit. The white is just the pop needed to brighten up the black, but even without the jacket the all black look is so Audrey Hepburn-ish, especially with my hair in a high pony-tail.

Faux Fur Details

I had planned to wear more jewelry, but completely forgot in the morning rush. I’m glad I went with my simple diamond earrings, wedding rings and cross necklace. Anymore would have been too much.

I’ve already been dreaming up a few more outfits I can wear this faux fur collar. Now I just need a sequin collar, maybe I could DIY something soon!

I’m going to participate in the Mom Style – Link Up via Anna at In Honor of Design

Actually since becoming a Mom my style has improved greatly. I have taken time to educate myself and therefore I put more thought into my outfits, be it for work or for play. I don’t want to be a frumpy Mom. I know I represent my family and to me that carries a great responsibility. As my little Caveboy grows up I want him to know I took the time to consider my image to the world, in both my clothing and in the care of my body. We are an active family, on most weekends you can find us hiking or Mountain Biking on local trails near our home.

The old saying goes, “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. If I present an attitude of “who cares” about my appearance or anything really, he will grow up with that belief too. That isn’t the kind of man I want to raise. I want him to take pride in himself and to value himself; hopefully that will manifest itself in his appearance but also in the care of his things – helping him to be a good steward. Having personal style, taking care of how we look, says to everyone around us that “I value me and you should too”.

Here are three things I consider my essentials:
1. Lip Gloss – I don’t care what kind, find whatever works for you and slather it on. Instant glam, glossy lips! I personally love any of the tinted Bath & Body Works lip glosses. I stock up around the holidays each year. I try to get one with peppermint, this helps to fight bad breath and bouts of nausea (triple duty lip gloss, yes please!!).

2. Big Leather Bag – leather ensure durability, doubles as a diaper bag at first; but later holds snacks, extra clothes, wipes, etc.

3. A Statement Piece – mine has changed some over the years but either a great pair of jeans, maxi skirt, great fitting jacket, scarf or jewelry, awesome shoes, etc. Whatever make you feel like a million bucks, something you can quickly throw on that instantly changes an outfit from drab to fab!

I’m also linking up with these lovely ladies today too!
inspmon_XJdT71_zpscbf30840 stillbeingmolly Join us! Click the Spotlight WatchOutForTheWoestmans

Favorite Frock Friday


7 thoughts on “Warm Winter Style: Black & White

  1. Great look , love the black & white trend right now! I too woke up with blinding sinus headache pressure, pain is gone but feels like fluid build up causing disorientation and dizziness if I move around too much… that after two meds…hope you are better!

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