Warm Winter Style: Cozy Grey and Raspberry

Happy Monday Y’all! Hope you all had a great weekend! I sure did, despite the snow!

Saturday morning, I was privileged to go thrift shopping with a good friend sans kiddos. We had such a good time and we found such good deals! Every place we went to had 50% sales, so this was one happy momma. 😀 The only problem, our little thrifting trip was cut short due to a snow storm. We knew there was a chance of snow flurries but it turned into an all out snow storm, luckily we weren’t too far from home and it didn’t last that long. I’ll be showing some of the things I got very soon.


As I stated last week, I plan on wearing something red or pink until Valentines Day! Red has long been my favorite color, my go-to color and my closet is overflowing with red/cranberry/berry sweaters. I’ve been branching out to other colors over the past year but red is still the predominate color in there.

I love this sweater, which happens to be a thrift find from a few years ago. It is definitely one of my favorite sweaters to wear in the winter even though it sheds and gets fuzz everywhere. This was an easy combo to throw together, but lately I’ve been thinking about adding more accessories to make the outfit. Pinterest has been providing lots of inspiration in my search. I want to add more red, yellow, animal print, sequins and turquoise accessories to my arsenal, LOL. I would really love to find a great pair of red pumps! Any suggestions???! Please leave me a comment of you do…

Fuzzy in Cranberry

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