Valentine’s Day Heart DIY

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show off my DIY skills, LOL! I am in love with all the graphic print sweaters, sweatshirts and Tees. Every store has them and just about every fashion/style blogger has worn them.

While at Tar’jey the other day I found long-sleeve knit tops on clearance for $3, I scooped up two and instantly the DIY wheels started churning. This shirt is lilac, but can almost pass for a shade of pink. I knew a red heart on the front would be perfect!

Valentine’s Day Heart DIY

Let’s get started… here’s what you will need for this DIY:
1. Long-Sleeve Knit Top or Sweater
2. Red Knit material cut out in the shape of a heart!
3. Scissors – to cut said material
4. Straight pins – to hold the heart in place
5. Needle and Black embroidery thread – I used 4 strands

The heart is hand-sewn onto to the shirt. Here’s how I did it…


1. Long-sleeve Knit Top; 2. Place Heart on Top
3. Pin in Place; 4. Hand Sew with Black Embroidery Thread

In the photos above, I laid out my tee, placed the heart wear I wanted, pinned in place and then used a running stitch and every so often, a back stitch to sew the heart onto the shirt.  I stitched approximately a quarter of an inch away from the edge all the way around the heart! When you get to the end, knot your thread – taking care not to pull the fabric too tightly, and your done! Here’s the finished tee…


I had another meeting today so I dressed up the basic tee with a black blazer and red pants. Since it’s Valentine’s Day I kept the red lip for my Valentine’s Day business casual look.


I’m linking up with these lovely ladies again today!

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