Turquoise Multi Stripes & Fabric Care Tips

Happy Monday Y’all! Hope you all had a great weekend! We got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather! Saturday we spent at the park and in the backyard and Sunday we took a nice long hike after church. Then with the longer daylight hours Caveboy stayed in the backyard (I’m so glad it’s fenced in) until I called him in at almost dark. He just too cute chasing our dog around out there!


Sweater & Skirt – Thrifted, Tights & Wedges – Target

The warmer spring weather made wearing my recently thrifted silk skirt to church much more enjoyable. I paired it with a turquoise sweater I thrifted a few years ago, some mulberry tights and these faux croc wedges from Target.

The wrap skirt is not exactly kid friendly, so I kept feeling like I was flashing people when Caveboy would climb onto my lap!

Fabric Care Tips!

Although the tag says “Dry Clean Only“, because the material was 100% silk with an acetate lining, I felt fairly certain I could get away with hand washing and then pressing dry. As I’ve acquired more wools and 100% silks in my closet through thrifting, I’ve also educated myself on the care and maintenance of said fabrics. I mostly Google “how to care for _______” or “how to wash _____” when I’m not familiar with the fabric. This has been very helpful and there are some great articles out there.

Wool Care here, here, & here.

100% Silk Care here, here & here.

By caring for your thrift purchases at home instead of running to the Dry Cleaners, you extend the life of the garment and continue to reap the benefits of Thrifting!

Just because the fabric is made of wool or silk or even cotton and the label says “Dry Clean Only“, don’t let this deter you from buying a great piece. Most items can be cared for at home, but if you’re truly in doubt take it to the dry cleaners.

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18 thoughts on “Turquoise Multi Stripes & Fabric Care Tips

  1. Oh this is cute! Love the skirt; its fun and bold.
    You know….I hand wash everything I own via my washing machine which has a hand wash setting. Everything goes in there. Silk, satin….other delicate fabrics. It works wonderfully.

  2. Such a good idea to talk about fabric care. I’m very nit-picky about laundering, and I love that there are great dryclean-at-home options nowadays 🙂 That cobalt with your hair is gorgeous!

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