April Fool’s OOTD!

Happy April Fool’s Day! The nasty colds are behind us and we are slowly attempting normal this week.


It’s still cool/cold here so I’m still in more winter gear than spring. 😦 I did break out my bright pink top to go with the polka dots and boots though, so that means I’m at least halfheartedly trying transition to Spring. Maybe I’ll do better as April progresses and I get a hair cut! 🙂


I’m linking up with these lovely ladies today too!
stillbeingmolly  Join us! Click the Spotlight Real Girl Style Link Up What I Wore Sunday linkup DCinStyle WatchOutForTheWoestmans Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 7.10.22 PM


16 thoughts on “April Fool’s OOTD!

  1. I’ve been having trouble really getting into spring, too, but bright pink is certainly one way to go! I’ve always thought it was a great match with gray, and I love the two together with the polka dots.

  2. I love the pink with the polka dots. I wore a navy polka dotted dress yesterday too but paired it with a boring white blazer. I think I need to put it with something hot pink! Thanks for the inspiration!

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