WIWW: White Polka Dots & MARK. Lipclick Review

It would seem some of my better looking outfits are thrown together, last minute style. Where as the more thought out versions tend to be more flops than winners!

Polka Dots, Navy, Brown, White Blazer, Brown flats, White purse, Pearls

White Blazer, Trousers & Flats – Target, Polka Dot Blouse & White SAK Purse – Thrifted, Pearls – Gifts

Also there are days when I wonder why I’m dressing up, but after I get to work I’m so glad I did because important meetings have become the norm around the office. I’ve adopted the policy that when at work I need to look polished and professional at all times, even with my casual looks on Fridays.


For this outfit, I started off wanting to wear the polka dot blouse and then I added the brown trousers. I decided that the overall look was too dark for Spring, so I threw on the white blazer! Finally my white purse & pearls pulls the look together. Also because this was a softer look, I kept my makeup more natural and added the pink lipstick.


I know you think I forgot, but this is my new favorite pink lipstick I mentioned last Friday. I received this lipstick in the December Glossybox, it’s called MARK. lipclick and the shade is M.Powerment Petal. My first thought upon seeing this color was this will be a great nude color. Boy, was I wrong! In person this is a beautiful petal pink that shows up really well and isn’t nude at all.

Upon Googling the lipstick I discovered the M.Powerment Cause dedicated to breaking the cycle of dating abuse and partner violence. You can support the cause here by purchasing the M.Powerment Gift set which features this shade of lipclick M.Powerment Petal along with a special silver-tone purse-size mirror glimmering in shades of pink!

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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for any products mentioned in this post. All opinions expressed here are my own. I paid for the December Glossybox, in which I received the MARK. lipstick. I am simply passing on information about products I have found beneficial to me.


9 thoughts on “WIWW: White Polka Dots & MARK. Lipclick Review

  1. Very cute outfit. Don’t you just love it when you can pull out a blazer that you haven’t worn in a while, and it adds so much to the look?

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